5 Things You Need to Clean to Avoid Flu Outbreak at Home

As the mornings begin to get frosty and the temperature drops, the height of flu season is just around the corner. But it isn’t just the flu we have to worry about this year. With covid-19 still imposing restrictions all over the UK, it’s more important than ever that we know how to effectively clean our homes to prevent the spread of germs.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the key areas you need to clean regularly to keep your family safe this winter.

Avoid Flu Outbreak at Home

1.   Kitchen Surfaces

You probably already wipe down kitchen surfaces regularly after preparing food, but now it’s important to disinfect regularly to kill any lingering bacteria or viruses.

Wipe down the worktops, cabinet fronts, refrigerator handles, door handles, and taps with an antibacterial spray. If anyone in your family does get sick, they should avoid the kitchen entirely since there are a lot of touchpoints that people use regularly in this room.

2.   Towels and Bed Linens

During flu season, change all bedding and bathroom towels weekly and try and swap out any hand towels as often as you can. If possible, try and give everyone their own towels and keep them separate to avoid spreading germs. Keeping them in bedrooms on radiators to dry out between uses is a good idea.

When laundering bed sheets and towels, use a high temperature setting to make sure all bacteria and germs are killed in the process. Although colder washes are more eco-friendly, they aren’t as effective at killing off bacteria.

3.   Light Switches

It’s been shown that the covid-19 virus can live on non-porous surfaces for hours. So it’s important to regularly disinfect any areas that are regularly touched. One of the most used yet often forgotten about is light switches.

These are regularly touched by almost everyone in the family, yet we often forget to clean them. Simply dip a clean cloth in disinfectant or hot soapy water and wipe down all light switches. You could also use disinfectant wipes if you have them.

4.   Bins

If someone in your home has been ill with the flu or even a nasty cold, chances are your bin has been home to a lot of tissues and other things that could be spreading germs around the inside.

After emptying your bins, spray them down with disinfectant, leave it for a few minutes, and then give it a thorough scrub to get rid of any unwanted germs.

5.   Mattresses

All mattresses should be cleaned at least once a year to keep them in good condition. However, if anyone has been ill over the cold season, it’s important to disinfect their mattress once they recover.

If you can’t get a professional mattress cleaning service, it is possible to clean your mattress yourself. After stripping the bedding, spray the mattress with disinfectant, then sprinkle on baking soda. This will help kill off bacteria and absorb any odours.

Leave this to sit for 30 minutes to an hour and then vacuum up the baking soda. If you don’t already have one, think about getting a high-quality mattress protector which can be regularly washed.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Regularly disinfecting your entire house during flu season can feel overwhelming, especially with so many other things to worry about. If you’d like the help of a professional, C&C Cleaning Services can help. We offer professional cleaning services that will leave your home clean and hygienic to help you get through flu season. Call us today to get a free consultation and quote for your cleaning needs.

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