What is a Builders’ Clean?

A building project is a messy job. From contractors and plumbers to electricians and engineers, there is usually a lot of dust, dirt, and rubbish left at the end of any building project in Brighton. A builders’ clean is a specialist service that prepares a property for decorating and furnishing. Without this important service, the process of decorating is much more difficult, and you won’t get that professional finish. But what is included in a builders’ clean? In this post, we’ll walk you through our builders’ clean process.

Builder's clean

Removal of rubbish and debris

The first step of a builders’ clean is the removal of any rubbish or debris. Whether that is discarded cables or bags of rubble, this needs to be removed to give an empty space that is ready for a deep clean.

Vacuuming and mopping

Most building sites are coated in an extremely fine film of dust that is produced in the building process. To remove this effectively, all floors, walls, and surfaces need to be vacuumed and mopped thoroughly.

If the dust is disturbed but not removed, it will resettle and cause issues for painters and decorators. Using commercial vacuums, buffers, and wet mopping, we will remove all dust so surfaces are ready for paint and coverings.


It’s surprising where dust will settle. All ledges need to be thoroughly dusted to remove every speck of dust. This will include shelving, skirting boards, stair rails, appliances, and any other surfaces where dust will cling.

Cleaning of fittings

High-level fittings will be wiped and disinfected next. This includes light fittings, extractors, sound systems, and other points that may have got dusty or dirty in the building process. These are handled with extreme care to ensure they are clean without being scratched or damaged.

Window cleaning

Windows get extremely dirty during building projects, which is why they need professional cleaning before decorating can commence. Our team are specialists in window cleaning in Brighton, Sussex, and the Southeast, so we will ensure all windows in the property are spotless. We can handle all sizes of windows and have specialist equipment to safely clean windows on any level.

Gutters, soffits, and fascias

The guttering system on a new property is often overlooked but having this professionally cleaned at the end of a building project will make a huge difference to the curb appeal. If you’re planning on selling the property, this will make the exterior shine and let potential buyers know that the property is well-maintained.

Book a builders’ clean in Brighton

The scope of a builders’ clean will differ depending on the project. It’s important to us to give our clients the best service, which is why we provide free consultations to assess the property and put together a suitable cleaning package.

If you’ve just completed a building project or you’re coming to the end, you can rely on the cleaning experts at C&C Cleaning Services to provide a thorough, high-quality builders’ clean that will prepare your property for decorating. Call us today to book an on-site visit: 0800 862 0808

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