What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

If you would love to get your windows to shine like they do when they’re professionally cleaned, you might have asked yourself, what do professional window cleaners use to clean windows? If you want to clean your windows yourself, or you’re just curious about how professional window cleaners get that streak-free shine, this post will share the secrets of our contract window cleaning team in Brighton.


Professional window cleaning methods

There are two types of methods used for professional window cleaning: the water-fed pole and the traditional method.

Homeowners usually can’t use the water-fed pole method since they don’t have the right equipment, and buying it is expensive. In fact, if you only clean your windows once a month, it’ll take around ten years to get your money back after investing in all the equipment.

Plus, it’s difficult to master the water-fed pole method and is much harder than window cleaning professionals make it look.

However, homeowners can always use the traditional method to get that streak-free shine the professionals get. Let’s take at what professionals use to clean windows using the traditional method.

How to clean your windows like a professional

You’ll need a rectangular bucket (since an applicator won’t fit in a round one) as well as an applicator and a sleeve. You can buy these supplies in most hardware stores, and they’re inexpensive items.

It’s best to get a 6” and 12” squeegee to tackle larger and smaller panes. However, if you own a shopfront, you’ll need a larger 18” squeegee.

Next, get a microfibre cloth to buff the windows at the end. You might also need a sturdy ladder if you can’t reach your windows from the ground.

Professional window cleaning method

Fill your bucket with warm soapy water. You can use a good quality washing up liquid to make a lather. Expensive window cleaning solutions aren’t necessary to get that sparkly finish.

Add an extra squirt of washing up liquid to your applicator and rub it in to get it saturated. Then, dunk the applicator in your bucket and wring out the extra water with your hand, so it doesn’t drip everywhere.

Coat the window in soapy water using swirly patterns. Most applicators have a scouring pad on the end to scrub any stubborn marks.

Once covered, use the squeegee blade to remove the soapy water, going left to right and make your way down to the bottom of the glass.

Use your microfibre cloth to wipe the edges of the glass to remove any drips and streaks.

Or you can leave it to the pros

It takes experience and skill to get a streak-free shine that makes windows look fantastic. If you don’t have the time or patience to clean your windows, why not call our professional team to do it for you? We use quality cleaners and the best equipment to give our customers sparkling windows at an affordable price.

Call our team today for a quote, and we’ll set up a window cleaning schedule that works for you: 0800 862 0808

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