Is it Worth Getting Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

When carpets are newly installed, they look great, feel wonderful underfoot, and transform the acoustics of any room. But after just a year or two of use, they start looking dirty, worn, and a little flat. That’s where professional carpet cleaning comes in. Professional cleaners will help bring your carpets back to life and make them feel like new again. But the question is, is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned, or can you do it yourself? 

Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of professional carpet cleaning from our team in Brighton. 

Remove allergens, dust, and bacteria

If you have anyone at home with asthma or other breathing problems, having your carpets professionally cleaned is a must. Studies show that carpets hold onto dust, bacteria, dirt, and pet hair, which all get released into the air when walked on.

Vacuuming your carpet regularly will help remove the dust and dirt from the surface of the fibres, but normal vacuums aren’t powerful enough to lift all the dirt from deep in the fibres, which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.

Having your carpet cleaned just once or twice a year will help reduce the dust and dirt build-up in your carpets, making your home much healthier for family members.

Better airflow

Did you know that a dirty carpet can reduce the airflow in your home? When a carpet is clogged with dust and dirt, air can’t circulate properly, especially near walls where dust tends to build up. The result is the air in your home feeling stuffy and unpleasant.

Again, regular vacuuming can’t penetrate deep enough into the carpet fibres to remove all the dirt. However, professional carpet cleaning will remove that dust build-up, making the air in your room feel much fresher.

Improved look and feel

Most homeowners can tell when their carpets are in need of a deep clean. They start to look flat, a little grubby, and they don’t feel as nice underfoot. This is because the fibres become matted, giving the carpet an old, worn appearance.

Regularly professional carpet cleaning helps to keep the fibres free from debris, meaning your carpet will look brand new and feel fluffy underfoot.

Prolong the life of your carpet

Getting a new carpet installed can be a costly investment. But without professional cleaning, carpets become worn much more quickly, meaning you’ll need to replace them years before the actual lifespan of your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year will significantly improve the lifespan of your flooring, saving you the costly job of replacing carpets before necessary.

Get a quote for professional carpet cleaning

At C&C Cleaning Services, we have a team of professional carpet cleaners that can make your carpets look brand new. We regularly work with landlords, businesses, and homeowners in Brighton, providing a professional service with outstanding results.

No matter how large or small your carpet, call our team today to get a quick free quote for professional carpet cleaning: 0800 862 0808

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