Domestic window cleaning in Brighton and Sussex

At C & C Cleaning Services in Brighton, we provide a wide range of domestic window cleaning options, as well as a regular, reliable, friendly and professional service that is competitively priced throughout Sussex. Able to reach high and awkward places, our window cleaners leave your glass spotless and streak free.

PAY WITH GoCardless

GoCardless enables us to take online payments through the Direct Debit System. This will happen automatically 3-7 days AFTER each clean has taken place.
This is our recommended form of payment; it is the easiest and quickest way to pay your bill and is fully protected by the banking systems Direct Debit guarantee. To learn more about GoCardless visit:
We do not share your personal details with any 3rd parties.


Our window cleaners have extensive experience in both commercial and domestic window cleaning across Brighton and Sussex. Having worked on major buildings, we’re able to apply our expertise to smaller residential properties. With a range of quality window washing equipment and tools, our experts complete all window cleaning with ease. By getting the job done right, we save you time and money.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By accepting our quotation you agree to be bound by C&C Cleaning Services terms & conditions.

Cleaning Frequencies

Once you have agreed to a 6 or 12 weekly all year round service, we are happy to supply a schedule of visit dates, however this is a guide indicating the week commencement date when we plan to visit, we cannot be held to a specific date or time. With such factors as public holidays, bad weather, staffing levels, etc, it is not always possible to supply an exact date. 

We will always try and be as reliable as we can for you but we also appreciate the customer being reliable. On the day of the clean it is too late to change your clean therefore if you turn our team away at the door or cancel on the day with our office, we reserve the right to charge you full price. 


Our pure water systems work in all weathers, therefore weather conditions are not an acceptable reasons for postponing our services. We offer an all year round regular service. We will clean your home/premises in all weather conditions including rain and low temperatures, however high winds and deep snow do affect our services and schedule therefore we ask for some flexibility on time scale if these weather conditions arise.


Should we be unable to access any part of your property due to locked gates, etc we will only clean the accessible areas and charge you accordingly. We will be unable to clean the restricted areas until the next scheduled clean. To avoid this, please ensure that we have your correct phone number for our SMS text reminder service which we send out the day before each visit.

If we deem any windows inaccessible or unsafe to clean, we will not clean them. We do not use high ladders or climb over roofs or garages etc.


You are required to pay within 7 days of the cleaning date; to ensure this happens please pay for your regular window cleaning via GoCardless Direct Debit or by debit/credit card.

If non payment exceeds 28 days, we reserve the rights to suspend your cleaning or replace your slot on the round with another customer. If we then fail to receive payment within 90 days we have the right to contact a collection agency to recover the debt, you will then be liable for all related charges, collection fees and court related fees.


If you wish to cancel our services you have the right to do so at any time, providing you give us 7 days notice. This can be done via telephone on 08008620808 or by email to

Once the SMS text message the day before we will be attending has been sent, any cancellation notice received after this text message will not be acted upon. This message is automated and cannot be replied to. 

We do offer one off window cleans however, if we have arranged a 6 or 12 weekly frequency and you cancel before a second clean has taken place the original regular price that was given will not withstand and you will be charged accordingly.

Complaints Procedure

If you are not completely satisfied with the standard of our work just call us within 24 hours of the clean. We will then return as soon as we can to re clean your windows for free. Please note, complaints made after 24 hours may not be re cleaned.


As required under the terms and conditions of the data protection act, all customer information is kept on a confidential database and is not discussed or shared with any company or individual.
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